Associated Partners (concluded participants not listed)

University of Passau

University of Passau is a first address in German academia with over 10'000 students. The University regularly attains top positions in academic rankings. The Activity and Context recognition Technologies (ACTLab, research group at Uni Passau will host iCareNet fellows and contributes to the general network management.

Wageningen University

Wageningen University is the leading European university in the Life Sciences. Researchers and students focus on the fields of nutrition, health, nature, and the living environment. For the fourth year in a row, Wageningen University has topped the list of 14 Dutch universities in the guide to choosing higher education.

University of Stuttgart

The Universität of Stuttgart is situated in the middle of a highly dynamic economic region with a worldwide reputation for excellence in the fields of mobile and information technology, production, process engineering as well as in life sciences. The Universität of Stuttgart was founded in 1829, at the beginning of the industrial age in Europe, and has celebrated its 175-th anniversary in 2004. The cooperation between technical, physical and human sciences has always been an advantage of the University of Stuttgart.

University of Hull

University of Hull has been established in 1999 rapidly grew into an international centre of excellence for research in heart failure and remote patient monitoring. University of Hull comprises over 40 clinical, serves over 1.000 patients annually, and has scientific and clerical staff dedicated to better understanding and management of heart failure. University of Hull has one of the largest service-integrated home telemonitoring services (TEN-HMS) in Europe.

Twente Medical Systems International B.V.

TMS is a Dutch SME (founded in 1993) specialising in physiological measurement systems, providing hardware and interface solutions for all types of polygraphy measurement problems in routine medicine and in research environments. TMS employs highly skilled and very experienced staff of (mainly) medical engineers and cooperates with many leaders in the medical field. TMS products are CE certified and enjoy FDA 510k pre-market approval. They are sold around the world, either through OEM relationships in specific medical markets, or directly to the research community.

Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv University is Israel's largest and most comprehensive university. Its participation in iCareNet revolves around research conducted on methods to enhance Human Computer Interaction in healthcare communication. The research is conducted in both the Department of Industrial Engineering and the Faculty of Management. 

Sefar AG

Sefar Group is privately owned company, founded in 1830, and world leader for monofilament precision fabric manufacturing. Sefar serves a broad product portfolio spanning industrial fabric applications in the field of filtration, screen-printing, building architecture, and smart fabrics. Sefar operates productions sites all over the world, has agencies in over 70 countries, with a total staff of 2100 (approx. 1100 in Europe).

Reha Rheinfelden

Reha Rheinfelden is a leading therapeutic centre in Switzerland, running two complexes in Rheinfelden and Basel with more than 450 staff members. Reha Rheinfelden provides care at the highest standards in infrastructure, treatment facilities, and staff education for 2.000 inpatients and 2.000 outpatients form Switzerland and neighbouring countries every year. The centre treats patients requiring all forms of neurological rehabilitation. Musculoskeletal rehabilitation focuses on patients with degenerative joint and spine disorders, functional impairment of the locomotor system.

Charité University Medical Center Berlin

The Charite Universitätsmedizin Berlin is one of the largest university hospitals in Europe with four campuses and over 10.000 employees. Charite Universitätsmedizin Berlin will participate in iCareNet with its interdisciplinary sleep medicine centre, which sees about 3000 patients each year. The sleep medicine centre is linked to many other sleep centres in Germany and Europe and performs research in the full spectrum of sleep medicine and disorders, including study of shift work, stress, and pulmonary-related disorders.


Cetrea provides Clinical Logistics solutions that helps hospitals become more transparent and efficient in managing patient flow. The Cetrea Clinical Logistics technology presents a real-time overview of work- and patient flows in clinical departments and across the entire hospital. It helps clinicians to collaborate, coordinate and optimize the work, ensuring an efficient and safe patient flow and treatment.