Ivo Locher


Dr. Ivo Locher is electrical engineer with specialization in wearable computing and signal processing. Since Spring 2006, he heads the R&D for Smart Fabrics (electronic fabrics) at Sefar Group. He is responsible for building up the know-how, the technology and the fabrication infrastructure in order to enable bulk production of Smart Fabrics. Major products in this field are heating and sensing fabrics. Ivo Locher finalized his PhD at the Wearable Computing lab under Prof. G. Troester at ETHZ Zurich in Spring 2006. His dissertation in 2006 focused on the integration of electronic functionality into fabrics.Ivo Locher is member of the IEEE.

  • Electronic fabrics
  • Wearable computing
  • Electrical connection technologies
  • Embedded systems
  • Signal processing
  • Speech processing
A thorough education for engineers includes a strong theoretical background along with a deep insight into practical applications and an understanding for transferring of knowledge into work. My goal is to support students experiencing such transfers from theory to realization.