Thomas Penzel


Physics diploma 1986, University Marburg, Germany; Human biology doctorate 1991, University Marburg, Germany; Habilitation in physiology 1995, University Marburg, Germany. Director for research at the Sleep Center and Professor at the Charite University Hospital Berlin, Germany 2006 – present. Senior researcher and Professor at University Hospital Marburg 2001-2006; Researcher and lecturer at University Hospital Marburg 1995-2001. Board of German Sleep Society 1993-2001; Chairman of German sleep laboratory accreditation 1992-2006; President International Society on Biotelemetry 2001 – present. Editor-in-chief of German journal Somnologie 2003 – present; Author and co-editor of 10 books, Encyclopaedia on sleep medicine in German 2007. Over 150 articles and over 150 book chapters published. Recipient Portugese Bial Award for Neurotelemedicine, 2001; Bill Gruen Award for Innovations in sleep research, 2008; Innovations in Medical Technology in Germany, 2008.

  • Physics
  • Human biology
  • Physiology
  • Medical Informatics
  • Sleep research
  • Sleep disordered breathing
  • Autonomous nervous system
  • Biosignal processing
  • Biomedical technology
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