Nico van der Aa


Nico van der Aa is computer vision researcher at Noldus Information Technology, where he investigates techniques to capture and interpret human motion from video recordings. He graduated in numerical mathematics from TU Eindhoven in 2003 and received his PhD degree in this field in 2007 for his work at ASML on sensitivity analysis of electromagnetic fields applied to diffraction gratings. He started in the field of computer vision when he worked at Te Strake Textile for one year on automatic monitoring of weaving defects. From 2009 he works as a researcher in automatic capturing of human behavior in a joint project between Utrecht University and Noldus Information Technology.

  • Computer vision (articulated tracking, background subtraction)
  • Image processing
  • Numerical mathematics (optimization, eigenvalue systems)
Each problem is new and the success of its solution depends on the ability of the researcher to grasp the problem, understands it completely and sells his solution to others. If the problem is not identified, it cannot be understood. But the main contribution in research is the ability to let others understand the usefulness of the solution. As a supervisor I want to help a new researcher in all these areas.