Zvika Popper


Zvika is a researcher and consultant at Edna Pasher PhD & Associates. He is in charge of our Sustainable Development department, which comprises of: Sustainable management strategies, Green building, the Israeli future center, corporate social responsibility strategies and reporting and leading relevant standardization process (ISO 14001, IS 10,000 etc.). He is also in charge of our activities in EU-funded R&D projects focusing on both Environmental and Social aspects. Zvika has an experience in the fields of social and environmental responsibilities and he is also acting as a researcher in the field of Global warming, Greenhouse Gases and public health. He holds a B.Sc in Environmental health sciences and is currently completing his his Master's degree at the Porter school of Environment.

  • Sustainable Development
  • Public health
  • Knowledge Management
  • Project management
"He who cares for days – plant wheat. He who cares for years – plant trees. He who cares for generations – Educate." Janusz Korczak