Edna Pasher


Edna Pasher earned her Ph.D at New York University in Communication Arts and Sciences and has served as faculty member at Adelphi University, the City University of New York, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the Tel-Aviv University. Edna Pasher founded EPA as an international strategic management consulting firm in 1978. The firm provides customized consulting services to organizations both in the private and the public sectors. Edna has been a pioneer and leader of the innovation and knowledge management movement in Israel and an active member of the international community of the KM pioneers. Edna is the Founding partner (1991) and chief editor of "Status - the Management Thinking Journal".

  • Knowledge Management
  • Strategic consulting
  • Innovation
  • HCI
  • Dissemination
  • Exploitation
I believe in the Learner Centered Education concept and that all Educational process should incorporate experimental learning through doing and should be inspired & enriched from Multiple perspectives. In an age of Life Long Learning, ICT has a tremendous potential in assisting all learners and we have only just began exploring these opportunities, and that is why I am so passionate towards HCI based projects.