19 fellowships for research on human behavior and context awareness

February 15, 2011: In total 19 prestigious Marie Curie fellowships for PhD and Postdoc positions are available within iCareNet, the European research and training network on Context awareness for healthcare, wellness, and assisted living. iCareNet...
* performs research on context-aware systems to assist users in situations, in which the use of conventional computers and mobile devices is out of question;
* unites efforts of an interdisciplinary network of leading European academic, medical, and industrial partners. Each fellow interacts with several partners in order to design, develop and evaluate novel technical solutions;
* provides comprehensive inter-domain training through a series of network-wide training events on topics including signal processing, behaviour inference techniques, privacy and security, and social aspects.
iCareNet is looking for applicants interested in a PhD and Postdoc position, who have a background in computer science, biomedical and electrical engineering, or in Social Sciences and Human Engineering, with a strong inclination to research in healthcare and related fields. Each PhD fellow position is fully funded for three years. Interested candidates can find more information and application details here.