Yury Oparin


Yury Oparin is a PhD student at Imperial College London under supervision of Dr. Dulay Naranker. He was awarded his M.Sc. degree in Mathematical and Information Technologiesat Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 2010 with a thesis on monitoring, route analytics and route optimization of large-scale computer networks (Autonomous system). The thesis was conducted at Joint Supercomputer Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences. He worked as a Software Engineer for UBS, Troika Dialog, and NetCracker.

He is currently involved in the iCareNet project as a Marie Curie research fellow. His research focuses on security and privacy for context-aware healthcare systems.

  • Adaptable pervasive flows, security and privacy, secure information flows.
  • Multi-agent systems.
  • Machine learning technology.
  • Monitoring, route analytics, route table optimization of local to large-scale computer networks (Autonomous system).
  • Computer networks.
  • Software development. Web applications.